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Kablolu Boru Patlatıcı 30 ton, dismountable

Compact and powerful

    The TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 300 C is an extremely powerful and compact cable burster for your tough lateral pipe bursting jobs. Equipped with a ø 22 or 14 mm cable the X 300 C is ideal for the replacement of old pipes made from cast iron, steel, clay ware or PE/PVC. Pipe bursting with a TERRA cable burster provides a high degree of flexibility. Its compact footprint requires minimal excavation and the system is built to help you cut down on wasted time, maximizing productivity. Its user-friendly, modular design makes it easy to operate, easy to set up and easy to transport.

Compact and powerful
Compact and powerful


    Its user-friendly, modular design makes it easy to operate, easy to set up and easy to transport. The X 300 C can be disassembled easily into components less than 45 kg.

    The X 300 C can be lifted on its two lifting eyes.


Unique clamping jaws

    Four cable clamps with longitudinal slots (patented) guarantee secure contact to the pulling cable, no matter if the cable is new or dirty.The main clamp clamps the cable when the two cylinders push the main clamp upwards. The counter clamp holds the cable under tension when the two cylinders move downwards and the main clamp is released. The clamps are easy accessible and easy to change. They provide a faster, more efficient burst on your jobsite. The cable guidance ensures that the cable slides smoothly into the main clamp. It eliminates bungee effect to improve your productivity.

Unique clamping jaws
Unique clamping jaws

Power supply by Vanguard Power Pack

    The X 300 C operates at low pressure with high production. The robust and powerful VANGUARD petrol engine offers up to 23 HP (17.2 kW). It is durable and reliable.

Power supply by Vanguard Power Pack
Power supply by Vanguard Power Pack


Teknik Veriler

Teknik Veriler

Teknik özellikler önceden haber verilmeksizin değiştirilebilir.
pulling force
300 kN (30 to) bei 235 bar
66'000 lbs (33 US tons)
Old pipe range
Ø 34 - 220 mm
Ø 1.5" - 8.5"
New pipe range
Ø 63 - 180 mm
Ø 2.5" - 7"
Bursting length
bis zu 120 m
up to 400 ft
productivity (speed)
- by 30 l/min
90 m/h (1.5 m/min)
300 ft/h (5 ft/min)
Max. operating pressure
235 bar
3'400 psi
Required oil volume
20 - 60 ltr/min
5 - 15 gpm
pulling cable
Ø 22 mm
Ø 0.86"
Cable weight
2.34 kg/m
1.57 lb/ft
L x W x H
0.42 x 0.60 x 1.25/1.50 m
16.5" x 22.6" x 49"/59"
weight (without cable)
260 kg
572 lb
Maximum weight of one part, dissassembled
45 kg
100 lb


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